Daily, we share and share, through our mobile, a lot of information. Many videos that, for some reason, have become viral and travel from terminal to terminal all over the world. Videos that get millions and millions of visits and that make us wonder how to do the same and ask ourselves, how to have more subscribers on YouTube?

Many are the cases of people who, demonstrating their skills, or sharing their knowledge, manage to make their videos to obtain that record of visits that are so sought after. However, the chance is not what influences this whole world of YouTube. Getting visits and making the content itself go viral, it takes work, and it is possible to carry it out as long as we mix, in the best possible way, the ingredients to enhance the content and achieve the expected results.

Virtualizing a YouTube video is not an easy task. But you can get a large number of Youtube subscribers by following all or some of the steps that I will comment below. We must start on the basis that we have two ways of doing it. On the one hand, for free, and on the other, paying. The idea of ​​getting a high volume of visiting on YouTube and also getting it for free, without a doubt, is what attracts the most attention. However, there are many occasions that, depending on the results we want to achieve, it is also good to contemplate the payment option.

Now I’m going to focus on telling you those basic ingredients so you can get to have more visits on YouTube.

Making a video viral is not a matter of seconds; you have to spend time and integrate these options to get the youtube subscribers.

Optimize the SEO of your YouTube video. Optimizing the keyword is essential to get traffic and . This is not something instantaneous since YouTube does not index it to search results immediately. However, if you have executed SEO well, as soon as YouTube indexes it, your visits will grow and grow every day.

Share on your Social Networks. Your base audience focuses on the people you already have associated with your Social Networks. So offer your content to all your followers through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even through your blog or website if you have one.

Get in touch with Bloggers. Try to contact and get in touch with the most important and relevant Bloggers in the field to which you dedicate yourself or to which your YouTube video is focused. If you are lucky, these relevant people will share your video, and thanks to their own followers, you will get many more visits.

Use also the Newsletters. Sending the video to our subscriber base also quickly brings the content to our target audience and get us that much closer to having 1000 real Youtube subscribers.

Launch the video on a Monday or Tuesday. This helps since people have all week to watch the video.

Be careful with the duration. It is not advisable to make very long videos since the content you offer must be something concrete and quality. People don’t watch videos longer than ten minutes, and you will rarely get it to go viral.

It offers good content. Without good content, the video will not go viral in any case. It shows something surprising, with which people feel trapped.

These are some of the ingredients that you should keep in mind if you want to have more visits on YouTube. It is not a simple task, but it is possible to vitalize your content if you strive to prepare well and mix all these steps well. Do not forget that quality is always better than quantity and that the idea is to get visits from those people who really are our target audience. That way, we can also attract potential sponsors that inject us with some more capital, and we can monetize the content we have created to the fullest.

How To Prepare Your Youtube Channel To Increase Your Visits

Doing SEO on YouTube begins by “decorating your home,” that is, creating an attractive channel that makes you want to visit. And this is specified in several aspects.

Define your theme and your audience

There are free tools such as Google Keyword Planner, but they are very limited in the information they provide.

Amazon also has other additional indicators, such as user comments, which give you good clues about the topics that your channel might also be dedicated to.

With this information, you should form a clear idea of ​​the subject to which you want to dedicate yourself.

Once your channel is up and running, this targeting can be improved over time thanks to the statistics we have within our own YouTube account.

If you have a little audience, experiment, make your content in several different ways and find out what works best for you, since then, once the theme of the channel is consolidated, it will be difficult for you to change because it will not fit well with the expectations of your followers.

You can always improve and implement new things, but changing radically is not a good strategy since, in some way, you would have to start from scratch.

How to create a good image for your YouTube channel

If you want people to be comfortable in your home, you should decorate it pleasantly.

The same goes for YouTube. Things will be easier if your channel is an attractive site that makes you want to enter.

Spend time choosing a good name for your channel

The good image of your channel starts by choosing a good name.

It’s simple: please don’t use a name like “warrior97” and the like. You can use your own name, invent a “brand” name for your channel, add a suffix such as “TV,” etc.

If you work a little and get inspired by examples from other channels, it won’t cost you that much.

Create a good description of your YouTube channel

Complete the choice of the name of your channel with the description field in the “More information” tab of your channel. Here you can and should write a description of your channel.

This is not only another part that you should use to compose a good image of your channel but an opportunity to use search keywords under which you want your channel to be found.

Create a good header (custom)

On the other hand, you must create an attractive header, put an appropriate profile picture, and connect all your social networks so that the first impression of your visits is positive. For these elements, they transmit the first impression of a “serious” site, A well-worked site.