Subscribers on YoutubeYouTube is one of the best sources of traffic for online businesses in terms of profitability. In many niches, you can get customers from there literally for a penny. But many Youtube subscribers still ignore this.

Promotion Without A Specific Plan And Calculation

If you’ve just created a channel and uploaded a video, don’t expect thousands of your potential customers to watch it. Like any other traffic source, YouTube requires an investment like when you youtube subscribers from a reputable agency like Nobody knows about you yet. This is normal. Therefore, in the first stages, you need to unwind the channel.

You can do it with quality YouTube itself. You can literally buy views on your videos. And they are shown only to your target audience. The principle is similar to targeted advertising. Only the circuit is a little more complicated.

The mistake is that many (even experienced) YouTube specialists blindly buy views from the service. Without any calculations of specific goals. This is normal if you are driving an entertainment channel. But you are an entrepreneur. Therefore, you need to clearly identify point A, where you are, and point B, to which you need to come.

The Pursuit Of Views / Likes / Comments

Youtube subscribersA large number of metrics affect your YouTube video uploads. Likes, comments, and, of course, views. The more activity on the video, the higher it is in the search results of the system for the search query.

But this is far from the main thing.

If you’re new to YouTube, then the next news may surprise you. From search results, only a small fraction of the traffic comes to you. Even if your video is in the TOP-3 on YouTube by the write request, it’s far from the fact that thousands of new viewers will come to you.

Even if only 1% go to your video from the recommended block, you will get 500 views absolutely free. If the video was shot with high quality, and the information is useful, most likely, most of them will subscribe to your channel. And so every day.

You may have 1 million views on a video, but YouTube won’t find it useful. Why could this happen? If the video is 10 minutes long and users watch it up to the first 20 seconds, then the viewing depth is too small. The optimal indicator is 50%. This means that, on average, viewers should watch at least half the video.

Betting On What Seems You Right

Forget everything that you know (as you think) about your target audience. If, for example, you teach embroidery, then you do not need to shoot a video about everything that you know. There are no guarantees that this will be interesting to your viewers.

Your channel’s mission is to answer questions from your audience and provide valuable advice. But how can you answer without knowing the questions themselves?

If the number of Youtube dislikes is 10% of the number of positive ratings, the video is considered cool. Write to yourself the most popular and relevant topics and shoot high-quality videos. Actively promote them immediately after publication, and most likely, the audience will pick them up, thanks to recommendations from YouTube.